Semantically Automatic Writing

May 14, 2012

An Open Amusement

You are my fifteenth mile

Prithee thine eye defile.

Upon the gath’ring open ranks

A shit streaks in the roundest skies

Da de da de dum.

And if you shoot me in the knees

A floorboard for piano keys

Will pick me up amongst the strife

To take you for my wedded wife.

La da da, de da de da.

I want to see you do your worst

And shrinking from the lion’s MERTZ

A baggage for a chronic claim

Hot stew.

Da de da de dum.


One Response to “Semantically Automatic Writing”

  1. Sean Lynch Says:

    I do share your liking for automatic writing, but for some reason I prefer mixing the aforementioned technique with other ways of writing poetry. I do have a couple of pure automatic writing pieces though, and I see some similarity in our thought process through that. I am especially attracted to the da de da de dum, it reminds me of Ents, the tree shepherds of Middle Earth.

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