The Orange County Government Center

May 15, 2012

Currently the Orange County Government Center in NY, a prime example of brutalist architecture, is under consideration for being demolished. It was flooded in storms and needs repair. Demolishing it and replacing the center with a new building is less cost-efficient, but much of Orange County dislikes the building’s presence amongst its Victorian and Revivalist architecture.

I reject the destruction of the Orange County Government Center, for all of the following:

1. A democratic society must allow tolerance of any idea, and buildings are physical monuments of an individual or a group’s ideas, aesthetics, and labor.

2. A historically significant building, especially a uniquely designed one, has value for everyone in terms of understanding history, for artistic value, and for some, inspiration.

3.  This particular is iconic in singularity; it gives Orange County something interesting.

4. With proper planning, a building is cheaper repaired and reused than demolished with a new building designed and built. Reusing the Orange County Government Center not only provides an immediately more environmentally and economically sustainable option, but sets an example of sustainability for others.

5. To paraphrase C.S. Lewis, art isn’t necessary for survival, but it’s one thing that makes life worth surviving.

You can sign an online petition against OCGC’s demolition:

Orange County Government Center


3 Responses to “The Orange County Government Center”

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  2. i agree, this building might not be visually pleasing to certain people but it demonstrates an architectural style which is unlikely to be replicated in modern development and it should be retained for its historical value and reference- which is just as valuable as its neighbouring Victorian and Revivalist architecture

    • Buildings represent ideas and values. That’s what’s behind their aesthetics. Anytime ideas or values are hidden from view, people can’t benefit from being challenged with a new perspective. In that sense every building perspective is equally important.

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