The lyrics to “Andy Sundwall”

July 13, 2012

The lyrics to this song just hit me. “Andy Sundwall” by the Chariot:

In feathers we came, we learned from your ways and the tricks up your sleeve and we grew.
But the distance between the earth and our feet was the only thing never to change. 
But it opened our eyes to something they missed. 
Something they put away back on the shelf.
They can’t see it through the immaculate dress, so they sing like a stranger instead of the one they call home.
We can’t believe in everything we hear. Diamonds by association don’t count.
I am NOT saying we’ve got it all figured out but why accept silver when you’ve given gold.
What good is just one wing?
Stuck in your ways, tossed about by the sea. Waving around your gun that you’ll never shoot.
Waste not life’s grace and don’t assume that we are all the same. Stand up turn and draw.
I am not them, we are not them, they are not us and we don’t relate.
We are as much the same as lungs to the sea.
Please don’t confuse the heart, behind the name.
Putting their voices on top of the crowd so that everyone hears they are mighty and great.
Maybe I broken and maybe I am shaking, but at least I say what I say.
I confess, we were bored from your ways.
We grew bored from your ways. We want more.
We can’t step away from the ocean just because the waves are thick. On we press.


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