Enough Being Cute

September 4, 2012

Perverse humor these irreverent bastards. Denial, disregard of the dilemma. Despair over the seeming impossibility. Even my own realization is the fuel. To be is not enough. It is never complete. The words are never complete.

How can you hear and not listen? How can you understand and not know what you don’t? How can I surrender to constraints and conditions? Is it an absence of passion? The insanity is sleeping while the sane cringes in a corner, neither commanding nor rousing the other. Both prisoners lie in the realm of the expected. To be the expected is to be understood. To be unknown is the leap of abandonment into a threat. To die is to live, and how long will I keep these words caged behind my skin? We’re commiting suicide slowly because we’re afraid to die. Of course you prefer the explainable to the sudden. You are the suppressor  Your reason is a whore–it hesitates and adopts a new priority. You’re settling back into assurance; recognizing the possibility does not verify its existence within you. It’s only in your panic you are free. But fear can suppress and fuel. Enough of the rhetorical masturbation.


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