Violently abrupt motion-interrupted projectile disintegration.

November 4, 2012

There’s a certain feeling I get listening to certain music, which I can’t articulate except through metaphor. As some listen to certain music and feel weightless or feel sad and feel their innards jump to their throat, when I get what I do, usually from something like “And Shot Each Other” by The Chariot, Say Anything’s “Orgy of Critics”, or La Dispute’s “Future Wars,” I can metaphorically describe my experience of the feeling I get listening to music with an abrupt, deconstructivist* or simply forceful sound by describing an imaginary physical phenomenon.

I haven’t found the right root words to arrange properly as a single word, but I can roughly describe it as:

a violently abrupt motion-interrupted projectile disintegration.

The phenomenon is one of fragmentation not only of the thing disintegrating, but also of movement. The abruptness is such that, unlike the moment after an explosion, the pieces of the thing falling apart do not gradually decrease in velocity, but are cut off from their motion and brought to a halt as suddenly as they were thrust away from the thing disintegrating. After this they fall to the ground, like birds flying into walls and falling like ashes. If I were to paint this it would be reminiscent of cubism; the movement need not be confined to a particular direction, but it is unpredictable and yet sometimes mechanically purposeful.

Other moments in music feel like getting punched. I don’t yet know what causes the difference between something that feels like being hit and something that feels like throwing off pieces of myself.


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