Surging and Swelling

January 3, 2013

It swims to the surface of consciousness
Digging itself out of languor, a drowning man
Who has remembered
Who pulls himself to the surface.

Intensity he hasn’t dared:
Lines growing
Out from every object, every fragment
Of story
The lifelong crescendo before they converge
And the scattered red clouds begin to assemble
The atmosphere rises
He must not forget,
Not ‘till death do us part
How angles could cut him,
Live wires that intersect and trace back
Both directions.
They project as he carries
In veins like roots welded to earth
Restless ardor and after
The lines recede,

He must not forget.



4 Responses to “Surging and Swelling”

  1. Death does not do us part. I think about that often. My girlfriend asked me the other day if there is any poet on wordpress that I respect or read often. I responded by saying not really, except for one, The Staggering Ferret.

  2. 12kilroy Says:

    I very much like the mood of this. Something about the fact that it seems to move in two direction – memory and possibility.

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