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7 Responses to “Questions”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    do u know where is zurich? in the article about calatrava is written zurich, germany. zurich is in switzerland!!!

    • Glad you pointed it out. I posted this some time after I wrote it, and edited it when I did. My original copy only lists the city names so I must have seen Stadelhofen and unthinkingly associated it with Germany without paying attention to the actual city name.

  2. Sean Lynch Says:

    Could you give me your first name or preferred pseudonym and general location i.e. city and or country so I could quote your comment on one of my poems in my upcoming chapbook? Please and thanks if you acquiesce.

  3. ezra Says:

    It has been a long time.. ever since i got my new phone, i havent had the chance the contact you at all.. i had no means of getting to you even if i wanted to. but setting the excuses aside, its my fault. i texted you but i figured that texting was too mainstream and normal for you. so i reached out to people and thought that this would be an interesting way of talking to you and getting your attention? miss you and wonder how everything is. just a curious cat; always a cat.

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