Song of the Ephemeral

August 19, 2016

Over the verdant hillock,

starry with daffodils:

empty cerulean skies

if not for a cloud,

Northerly lining aglow–



The brush caught fire too

beneath the sinking daylight

as it grew red-hot,

Heavens and Earth both consumed.


Indeed, that burning edge still flickers

while all the world around me withers.


Overlooking an Expanse

April 25, 2016

A dying vermilion sky
caught in a face

Windblown, her hair
as the fingers of that
delicate tree

In a moment
transcribed on your forehead
the sense of parting

As I sift the twilight,
finding nothing.


Losing and Finding

May 2, 2013

It rode on the backs of drum beats
But Thunder slithered down through cracks in the sky
As an army of memories like artifacts passed us by.
War has been spoken, but at last is here.
The grinding distortion is only the storm you will become.
No defense necessary. Embrace their weapons, drink their horror.
These ranks are the preface.
Let bones reverberate, let movement rip from your flesh.
It is the birth of the new eating its mother.

Throw yourself into abandon–it will find you because
This is growing and we identify only with movement.
A voice like a flag
Clawing the clouds and killing interjections.
Birth is destruction.