No. 13

April 15, 2017

Preparing my heart

on this silent spring night’s walk

for tea with a friend.


No. 11

October 23, 2016

Not searching for words,

I saw, framed by white branches,

the last thousand years.

No. 10

August 22, 2016

An emanation

Of white-hot sparks on the sea:

The moon’s treadless path.

Continuation of Life

May 18, 2016

I spat on a shriveling worm

to lubricate it;

convulsing, it dove into

a flower-bed.

A poem by Basho

March 28, 2016

One after another

In silence succession fall

The flowers of yellow rose —

The roar of tumbling water.

 Matsuo Basho, Records of a Travel-worn Satchel

No. 8

March 27, 2016

At its tipping-point,
The weight of heavenly masses
Is emptied out:

Plummeting droplets
Like porcelain vases
Dashed against concrete.

Concentric circles
Woken by impact and slowed


No. 7

March 27, 2016

Like the color of

Tumeric on wet, black rice:

Mountain gorse bushes.


March 13, 2016

In the mirror I

Met, simultaneously,

Myself in two places.