Song of the Ephemeral

August 19, 2016

Over the verdant hillock,

starry with daffodils:

empty cerulean skies

if not for a cloud,

Northerly lining aglow–



The brush caught fire too

beneath the sinking daylight

as it grew red-hot,

Heavens and Earth both consumed.


Indeed, that burning edge still flickers

while all the world around me withers.


Perpetual Motion

June 23, 2016

My eyes are always fixed
ahead of me

Running my whole life,
late for work,
needing to be somewhere else.

For once I look up–
above me,
buildings rushing past the sky.

A woman is paused
on the balcony,
clinging to the handrails

As the Earth is spinning
in the still, eternal sky.


Nothing at All

November 23, 2012

Stomaching its imminence I
Let fear caress my head.
Death waits, but never for long
Behind the nearest tree
And framed inside the shadow.
Even when the lights go out
It stays with me.
Nothing as such was glamorous
When I accept it
The sorrow of symphonies is silent.