Another Night

April 12, 2017

The dust of the earth
Settles in the horizons;
Atmospheric window-pane
Becomes unclouded.

The tarnished moon,
Cleans as its edge may seem,
Suffers eons.

It seems the stars
Sing muted melodies,
Forlorn in their age.

Consumed by time,
Separated by time,
This universe.

Traced by my tired eyes–
Is there a story
In entropy?

And I wonder
what the ancients saw at night.



March 15, 2016

Surfacing from the dream
With a break
I sat awhile to contemplate
Nothing, surveying my room
In pallid shades.

The room became
Some place I’ve been before
And I gradually accepted it.

Metaphysical Givens

December 21, 2013

Trying to get acquainted with the
Meaning of these givens
Like a hidden hand,
The architect of silence, forged
of emptiness.

Somehow embedded with it still
Like an axiom.
But no, zeros cannot be multiplied.

Baffled by this self-induced pseudo-mysticism
Getting high as hell
And dumb as unnamed terror demands
Washing oneself with unclean hands.

In Medias Res

August 16, 2013

Not complexity–extension.
Mother unspeakable felt
In the depths of the present
The heart of dimension
Remembered in medias res.

“Here” is not singular. It is laden
With distance and shape
In context, as all stories.

You were written in space.

I cry, but not for faith
Because the chest is an empty basin.